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5 Questions to ask if You’re Hiring a Florida Estate Lawyer

Uncategorized May 16, 2017
post about 5 Questions to ask if You’re Hiring a Florida Estate Lawyer

Five questions to ask if you’re hiring a Florida estate lawyer.

If you just lost a loved one in Florida and were appointed the personal representative, or the executive, under the Florida will, Florida law says that you need a lawyer. Your estate lawyer will help you to run the estate. If you are thinking about hiring a Florida probate lawyer, here are five questions you need to ask them.

 1) It’s all about the money! Ask the attorney how he or she is going to be compensated. In Florida, you can compensate a Palm Beach lawyer at their hourly rate for work they do on the estate and the probate. However, many attorneys want to get paid according to a statutory fee found in the Florida probate code. This statute is one that many beneficiaries don’t completely understand. In regards to large Florida estates, this fee can be very very substantial. Consider getting an independent attorney’s opinion about a probate lawyer’s compensation before you hire them.

2) Experience counts. How many estates does this attorney handle on a yearly basis? How long has this attorney been handling estates and trusts? Generally, most people want a specialist or someone who limits their practice to wills, trusts, and estates in Florida.

3) Gray hair is good! Most people who want to hire an estate attorney don’t want someone fresh out of law school or with little experience. Look for a probate lawyer who has experience handling Florida estates and trusts in excess of 20 years.

4) How long will this take? After providing the lawyer you’re interviewing for this probate work with information about the estate, ask him or her how long they believe this will take. If they tell you it’ll take more than a year, consider getting a second opinion, or ask them why it’ll take more than 12 months. Most Florida probates are straight forward and can be wrapped up in under 12 months. This does not apply, however, it was states involving litigation, difficult to value assets, ongoing businesses such as family businesses, or IRS audits.

5) Hidden fees. Ask your Boca Raton probate lawyer to specifically list all of the services that he or she will provide, and what it will cost. Ask them if their fees cover every single item that you need to wrap up the probate or wrap up the estate. Some probate lawyers want to charge extra or more for handling income tax returns of the decedent, the estate tax return, litigation, and/or the sale of real estate. Know how much it’ll cost. Know what you’re getting into.A good estate lawyer in Florida will be upfront with you and won’t be afraid to put everything in writing.