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5 Key Elements of Tortious Interference With Expectation Of Inheritance

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2014
post about 5 Key Elements of Tortious Interference With Expectation Of Inheritance

The claim of Tortious Interference with Expectation of Inheritance (West Palm Beach, Florida) sometimes called “Intentional Interference with Expectation of Inheritance” (Boca Raton) affords individuals an opportunity to pursue legal action if another party uses fraud or otherunlawful methods to prevent them from obtaining an inheritance.

What are the Five Elements of an Intentional Interference with an Inheritance? To have a sufficient legal claim for Interference with an Inheritance West Palm Beach, the court will examine a number of factors when determining the validity of tortious, or wrongful, conduct.

The five elements you must allege are:

  1. The existence of an expectancy. If another party was able to use fraud or another method of tortious interference (Aventura) to change a will and it revoked your inheritance, you must be able to prove that prior to this interference, you had an expectancy as a beneficiary.
  2. The other party was intentional when interfering with this expectancy. It can be difficult to prove what the state of mind of the defendant was in when interfering. Consult with your Florida probate attorney to understand how this element can be proven.
  3. How they interfered was tortious in nature. Tortious acts include the other party committing fraud, defamation, or abusing their fiduciary duties as well assuppressing, forging, or altering a document or will in any way that affects what the deceased is or is not distributing to beneficiaries.
  4. You would have received the inheritance or gift without the interference. You must demonstrate to the court that the other party aimed their tortious actions at the testator, or person who created the will, and this caused interference with the final wishes and true intent of the will or document.
  5. There are damages involved in the case. Damages in Tortious Interference with Inheritance (West Palm Beach / Deer Field Beach) cases can include the value of the property you may have received if the interference had not occurred.

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