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2nd DCA Reviews Restrictive Covenants & Non Competition Agreements: November 4, 2015 Florida injunction

Uncategorized Dec 6, 2015
post about 2nd DCA Reviews Restrictive Covenants & Non Competition Agreements: November 4, 2015 Florida injunction

Here is a 2nd DCA case for any commercial litigator Florida to read.  Why? This November 4, 2015 4th DCA appeal deals with a restrictive covenant and a Florida non competition agreement.  This case is Florida Digestive Health Specialists LLP v. Colina, 40 Fla. L. Weekly D 2482: http://www.2dca.org/opinions/Opinion_Pages/Opinion_Pages_2015/November/November%2004,%202015/2D14-4561rh.pdf.  Do you know what you need to prove to get a temporary restaining order if someone is violating your contract, coventant not to compete, restrictive covenant, or non competition agreement?  If you are a doctor, medical group, or are a business lawyer Florida or corporate counsel which aids and advises boards of directors for Florida corporations, you need to read this appeals court opinion.

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How Do I Win My Business Lawsuit if My Partner is Violating a Non Competition Agreement?

  • This appeals court opinion replaces the July 31, 2015 opinion
  • This case dealt with Florida doctors or physicians, their corporate entities, anemployment contract and non competition agreements
  • This, in other words, is kind of basic for most commercial litigators Florida who handlephysicial practices, medical groups, partnerships, LLCs and employment matters
  • Did you know that Florida lwa 542.335 governs the enforcement of restrictive covenants?
  • Do you know how to get an injunction against someone if they are violating the restrictive covenant or are violating the non competition agreement Florida?
  • Do you know what to prove to get a TRO or temporary restraining order?
  • If you are a doctors practice group Florida, or are an owner of an LLC, or perhaps are the managing member or an LLC, or the general partner of the partnership Florida, and an employee and perhaps former doctor, or investor, is violating your contract, consider reading how to enjoin that person from doing what they are not supposed to be doing
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