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Will Lawyer Florida

Our Attorneys • Aug 13, 2023
post about Will Lawyer Florida

A will lawyer Florida may be needed to help you get your inheritance. Here are the 3 ways to navigate receiving your inheritance. (Hint: one involves hiring your own probate litigator, although that may not be necessary.)

What does a will lawyer Florida do? (what do you NEED?)

A will lawyer Florida typically deals with the “disposition of assets at death.” One who is knowledgeable about the transfer and receipt of plain, simple, expensive and unique assets and properties at death. Beneficiary rights. Obligations of a trustee or executor.

That’s a fancy way of saying one deals with dirt, dollars & death! (For short legal blog on who inherits at death, click that link. It’s free, fast and no “cookies” or data collection.)

Wills. (And, of course, such other, so-called, “dispositive vehicles” like a revocable living trust, or pay-n-death or transfer-on-death accounts.)


Well, the rules are different for giving property when one dies.

During life, right?, I can give my property to whoever I want in any way I choose.

But the rules are different when we pass.

The rules change when you die

Death changes everything, right?

There’s the Florida Probate Rules, the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and of course the Probate Code. (For the rules, just go to the Florida Bar website, www.FloridaBar.org, and they are there for free.)

Don’t get mad at me ! I didn’t write them or create them. Our legislature did. And those statutes, and those rules, are the guiding light to how money changes hands at death.

How are you going to handle getting your inheritance? Will be proactive or reactive?

So, how do you know if you need a will lawyer Florida and how to find a good one?

Consider the 4 scenarios.

You may not need one

Here are the 3 scenarios for you when you are expecting an inheritance but are not getting it.

  • Do nothing. Maybe your trustee or executor (personal representative) will come around, actually communicate with you, and give you your inheritance. After all, it does take some time to deal with an estate or probate. (and all of your money!)
  • Next option: write a letter. Who knows, maybe a polite email will get you your money.
  • But here’s why people call me and hire me— to start the process. To get the ball rolling. To empower a beneficiary. Start a probate. Open the estate. Get answers. Do you want to deal from a position of strength or weakness? Do you want to go on the offense? Or play defense? If you are focused and serious, consider a law firm that restricts its practice. And knows how to help you by handling those that are supposed to give you your inheritance.