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What Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Have to Do With Probate ? Check Out this Recent Appeal to Learn Why You May NEED a Probate Attorney.

Uncategorized Dec 8, 2015
post about What Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Have to Do With Probate ? Check Out this Recent Appeal to Learn Why You May NEED a Probate Attorney.

What does a wrongful death have to do with Florida probate litigation?  You may not be aware but to sue for an estate you will have to appoint a personal representative of the estate. Who is supposed to serve? Also how do you sue for wrongful death in West Palm Beach? A recent case out of the Second District Court of Appeal against a well known South Florida supermarket may shed some light on that. 

Wrongful Death

  • Florida estate lawyers know that before they bring a wrongful death action there has to be an open estate with a serving personal representative. 
  • That means you need to open the estate prior to serving the other side with a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • That means in addition to a personal injury attorney you may need to retain a probate litigation attorney. 
  • What does a Florida trust lawyer or a Florida probate lawyer bring to your litigation?
  • For one thing it may not even be that easy to get the personal representative appointed.
  • Some families have honest disputes about who should serve.
  • Sometimes multiple family members will all retain their own Florida estate lawyer. to fight for their entitlement.
  • When that happens who is most likely to win?
  • That depends on the facts.
  • Once you get the personal representative appointed now it is time to sue for wrongful death.
  • Did you know that Florida estate attorneys may also be able to serve as a personal injury litigator depending on the facts of the case.
  • Check out this recent case to learn more about wrongful death.

Panzera v. Oneal

  • This was a very sad case, a young man was struck by a tractor trailer on the highway and the family has sued the supermarket chain that owned the truck along with the driver.
  • The family had lost on summary judgment as the other side had said there were no material facts in dispute.
  • This is an important factor to keep in mind for all probate and other litigation – you need a plan of attack.
  • You need some way to avoid summary judgment, you are going to want to prove there are some facts for the jury to deliberate on.
  • That is not always an easy task, ask any Florida estate lawyer.
  • In the end on appeal it was determined that the supermarket was right and there was no negligence.

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