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Trust Contingency Lawyer

Our Firm • Nov 20, 2022
post about Trust Contingency Lawyer

What is a Trust Contingency Lawyer and can she help you with your Florida Trust Case?

Lots of Florida trust beneficiaries ask good lawyers to take their case on a contingency fee.

Understanding a contingency fee in your Florida Trust Case

A contingency fee is where the client pays the lawyer a % of their Recovery.

If there even is a Recovery.

A Recovery is a jury verdict, a judgment or a settlement.

No Recovery. No Fee.

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Is a contingency fee right for you?

We have written about the pro’s and con’s of contingency fees in the past.

You need to understand the risks and rewards.

In the Florida Trust context, the trustee has trust money to use to hire lawyers.

How does a beneficiary compete?

There are a handful of select trust litigation lawyers who do take a select number of cases on a contingency fee.

How do you know if you are getting a good one?

How to find a trust contingency lawyer in Florida.

  • Fist of all, contingency fees are governed by the Florida Bar Rules. Those rules regulate what lawyers can charge.
  • 2nd, consider trying to find a firm that SPECIALIZES in trust litigation. They should know The Florida Trust Code and also the Florida Evidence Code. After all, you need to be prepared for your trust trial.
  • 3rd, they should actually try cases and handle appeals. Be wary of so called “trust lawyers” who say they go to court. Ask them: how many trials they have had in the last year? Or during Covid. And don’t fall for the old “all cases settle.” Sure, many cases do settle. But, do you want a lawyer who settles every case ? Or one who will go to the mat for you and give you a day in court?
  • 4th, try to find a lawyer who is confident and competent. What we call the 2 “C’s”. Don’t you want a lawyer who believes in your case and you? And who has the trial skills and years of experience to get you through this?
  • In the end, only a select few will take your trust matter on a contingency fee. Trying to find an experienced lawyer who you jive with can take some time. Call as many as you can. Interview by phone, Zoom, or in person. Ask questions. For more tips, read this commentary.