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Guardianship Fees Florida — who can object?

In the News Jul 26, 2021
post about Guardianship Fees Florida — who can object?

Everyone has read about the Britnye Spears guardianship. In Florida, which has a healthy “golden years” population, guardianships are common. And so are the expenses. Who pays for the guardianship fees Florida. And how does a family member object? We have previously provided a number of Legal Videos on Florida Guardianship. Now let’s discuss a Florida Appeals court opinion from In Re: Guardianship of Martino. This 2nd District Court of Appeal opinion was handed down July 8, 2020. Florida Guardianship Law If you want to read about Florida guardianship law, consider reading Chapter 744, Florida Statutes. That’s the Florida Guardianship Code. It explains the intent of those laws. It also sets forth rights and obligations and procedures. A Florida guardianship starts with a court filed document. Typically, two of them. You file a Petition for Determination of Incapacity when you believe that someone is in need of assistance. When they can’t handle their own affairs. You also typically file a Petition for Appointment of Guardian. If the judge agrees with you that the “alleged incapacitated person” needs assistance, she will then turn to the issue of whether a guardian is needed. And who the guardian should be. Guardianship Fees Florida If a guardianship is created, pay attention. If you are involved in the guardianship, you will get a lot of information. The court appointed guardian is required to share information with you (if you are an “interested” person. That is, if you have “standing.” ) Read the Florida Guardianship Plan. […]


How to Fight Guardianship Florida

What We Do Apr 14, 2021
post about How to Fight Guardianship Florida

Regrettably, there are a lot of “contested” guardianships. Every day, it seems, Florida Probate Judges must make difficult decisions. Guardianships have a couple of purposes. First, they determine whether someone needs assistance and protection if they are incapacitated. An aging or afflicted Florida resident may seem fine on the outside. But they may not be able, in the eyes of a judge, to exercise all their rights. They, and their property, money, may need management + protection. Second, guardianships often confirm or appoint someone to take care of that person who is vulnerable. A guardian or a Power of Attorney, or maybe a trustee for just the property. Many times, family members “fight” over who will control mom or dad. And their money. We have previously provided commentary on FLORIDA GUARDIANSHIPS. Now, let’s focus on how to fight guardianship Florida. Understanding Guardianship Law There are 4 really important things that you can read for free to understand Florida guardianship law. And learn how to fight Florida Guardianship. First, read the Guardianship Code. Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes sets forth the law of Florida Guardianship. It can explain the TYPES of guardianships. Many times, people will file a motion or petition for EMERGENCY TEMPORARY GUARDIAN. This often upsets family members who are not given “notice” of this until a judge enters an order. There are also “plenary” guardianships. Or guardianships over just the property. Or, just the person. One of the most important rules is to file an appearance in […]