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Probate & Prosecco: Bringing Florence, Italy to West Palm Beach

Uncategorized • May 30, 2014
post about Probate & Prosecco: Bringing Florence, Italy to West Palm Beach

Most of you know me as a probate trial lawyer, trying inheritance cases from Palm Beach Gardens to Delray Beach. I also love to travel and love all things Italian. (They do so much right ! Art, food, wine, cars, fashion ….) Our West Palm Beach probate law firm spends a lot of time in the probate court, but we also eat and drink too much coffee. Most of the time, we are eating between court appearances, client meetings or probate research on Clematis Street. We go to the Starbucks on Clematis a lot: it’s literally around the corner from our West Palm Beach probate litigation law firm.

phpGNKHjLAMHere are a few things we’d like to bring to the downtown from Florence, Italy:

  • Italian Sandwich Shops
  • Incredibly fresh bread



phpU8OV77AMGreat selection of hams, pork, salamis, and veggies and freshgreens

  • Made daily with a European flare that only Italy has Italian Pastries and Gelato
  • How about amazing Italian pastry and cold gelato on Clematis Street?
  • If we fed just the people who had business with the West Palm Beach probate court, we’d all clean up in the food business
  • At our probate firm on South Olive Avenue in West Palm Beach, we take a lot of coffee breaks
  • So, some fresh cannoli to go with the espresso?