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Uncategorized • Jun 1, 2014

Can You Get Justice in Estate Litigation?

  • Most experienced Palm Beach probate lawyers who actually try cases would say “no”
  • What you CAN get from a probate is information & answers….and….
  • An opportunity to be heard — to make your case

php0Vju7cAMScales of Justice In Probate Cases

  • The probate courts sit in judgment of you, your siblings, heirs, misfits & mistresses, family, and lots of $
  • Will the scales of justice tip in your favor or against you?

php9P6eiOAMHow Will You Prepare for Probate Court ?

  • Will you be ready for your day in court?
  • Ready with evidence, witnesses and documents?
  • How will you make the scales of justice, or equity, tip in your favor?

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