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Lawsuits in Florida: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Uncategorized Mar 8, 2019
post about Lawsuits in Florida: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Unfortunately, probate litigators and guardianship attorneys are seeing more and more litigation involving elderly people being taken advantage of by caretakers, power of attorneys, family members, etc. These cases often involve a POA who does not act in the best interest of the person under his or her care. Did you know that financial exploitation of the elderly is also a crime? A recent Fourth DCA opinion, Johnson v. State of Florida, discusses a case where a woman takes advantage of her elderly neighbor. 

Here, the woman has her elderly neighbor sign a power of attorney (POA) while the elderly neighbor is hospitalized and showing signs of dementia. Is this even allowed? How can a guardianship in Florida prevent this from occurring? When do you need to hire a Palm Beach guardianship lawyer? Then, the woman, as the elderly neighbor’s POA, withdrew money from the elderly neighbor’s bank account and changed the beneficiary designations on her bank accounts. To read the entire opinion, click here.