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Florida Lawsuits and Promissory Notes

Uncategorized May 3, 2019
post about Florida Lawsuits and Promissory Notes

What is a promissory note? When do you need to produce the original note in court? Is a copy of a promissory note sufficient or do you need the original? What does Florida Statute 673.3091 require? If you are involved in a Florida lawsuit involving a promissory note, you may want to read an April 22,2019 First DCA opinion MBC Gospel Network, LLC v. Florida’s News Channel,LC.

Here, one of the issues on appeal is ” whether the trial court erred by granting judgment without requiring Florida’s News Channel to demonstrate its entitlement to enforce the note by producing the original promissory note or reestablishing it as a lost note.” What did the First DCA decide? Was a copy of the promissory note good enough or were they required to submit the original? To read the entire opinion, click here.