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Florida Guardianship Litigation: What is a Limited Guardianship?

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019
post about Florida Guardianship Litigation: What is a Limited Guardianship?

Palm Beach probate lawyers know that the guardianship process in Florida is not perfect, but it offers unique protections to wards in Florida.What is a ward? In an Orlando or West Palm Beach guardianship, a guardian is appointed to protect an incompetent adult or minor ward. These guardians can pursue and defend probate lawsuits on behalf of the ward, as well. Florida estate lawyers know that guardianships in Florida are flexible and that there are several options.Do you know the different types of guardianship in Florida?  You may want to read a recent Iowa opinion, In Re the Guardianship of Monkhouse, regarding a limited guardianship. A limited guardianship is one of the types of guardianships. Although this is not a Florida case, Florida guardianship attorneys litigate cases with very similar facts.

As evidenced in the Iowa appeal, a probate court can limit the amount of power a guardian has for many reasons. A limited guardian in Florida may, with the help of Florida probate lawyers, be able to prosecute or defend claims for the ward. They may also have financial control or control over the living decisions of that person. In this particular case, the ward’s parents were granted a limited guardianship that gives them the ability to make medical decisions for the ward, access the ward’s medical information, and determine the ward’s living arrangements.  To read the case in its entirety, click here.