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Financial Exploitation in Fort Meyers, Florida

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019
post about Financial Exploitation in Fort Meyers, Florida

West Palm Beach probate lawyers frequently encounter guardianship cases involving financial exploitation. Family members sometimes file incapacity proceedings in an attempt to help a person who is no longer able to care for themselves. These proceedings are called guardianships. Do guardianships guarantee that your your elderly parent or friend, who suffers from dementia, will not become the victim of financial exploitation? Fort Meyers probate lawyers know that guardianships can be very beneficial IF the right person, with the best interest of the incapacitated person in mind, is the guardian. Sometimes, probate litigators encounter instances where an incapacitated person, or ward, is being taken advantage of by his or her guardian. Is there a way to avoid a Florida guardianship altogether? You may be able to avoid a guardianship, in Florida, if you have a proper estate plan in place. However, despite efforts, elderly people with dementia, unfortunately, can still find themselves at  risk of being taken advantage of by caretakers or others. For example, on June 21,2018, Fox 4 reported about a case where about a man who was just found guilty of two counts of financial exploitation in Fort Meyers. Here, the man convinced an elderly woman to pay him based on a fake contract. To read the entire article, click here.