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Tortious Interference with an Inheritance or Expectancy

If someone has “messed” with your inheritance, do you have a cause of action? Can you bring a probate lawsuit if you got cut out of an inheritance in bad or negligent way?

You may have a lawsuit for tortuous interference with an expectancy. This Florida probate tort is also known as “tortious” interference with an inheritance or expectancy. You may get a jury trial for this estate or inheritance lawsuit. In Florida, estate lawyers know that there are about 3-6 cases from appellate courts on this subject. Read those and know everything you need to know about a tortious interference with inheritance lawsuit Florida? Well, most estate litigation lawyers would tell you that some grey hair, experience in trials and courtrooms and instinct, will also serve you well. But, you get the point.

To win a trial on tortious interference with an expectancy in Florida, you usually have to prove an expectation of an inheritance, and someone causing interference such that you were damaged. This inheritance lawsuit can involve a revocable trust, a will or a bank account or joint account.

But be cautious: this is one of those lawsuits that some more, well, less experienced attorneys “throw” out there, without knowing too much about this case. You have to exhaust your probate remedies first. Many estate or probate lawyers who don’t try cases or handle estate trials in Florida may not know what this means, either from a procedural point of view, or a trial strategy point of view. So do you homework and get an aggressive probate litigator in Florida who has actually handled these lawsuits. And, don’t forget your damages. How will you prove them in court?

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