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Estate Disputes

Will and Estate Litigation Lawyers Serving Florida

Estate litigation law involves both fiduciaries and beneficiaries of an estate. Those who are the beneficiaries of an estate – under a will, a trust or other assets of a deceased loved one – are owed certain rights under the laws of Florida. Unfortunately, it is often necessary to engage in litigation to resolve disputes related to these rights. Due to the complex nature of estate disputes and probate, they need to be handled by a lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the estate litigation system.

Pankauski Lazarus PLLC has the experience and concentrated approach to help with even the most complicated estate controversies. We practice only in the area of estate, trust, guardianship and probate litigation. We do not prepare estate plans, but litigate them. We focus the resources of our entire firm on helping resolve disputes. We are in the courtroom regularly, putting our experience and assertive litigation strategies to work for our clients.

Invalid Wills

A common form of estate litigation involves a challenge to the validity of a will. These situations often arise when a vulnerable loved one may have lacked mental capacity or been the victim of undue influence. In general, a will may be set aside, or voided, when the will was procured through:

  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Coercion
  • Lack of mental capacity

As lawyers of one of Florida’s premier estate litigation firms, we are in court nearly every day, litigating these and other issues for our clients. Although we cannot guarantee an outcome, our trial-oriented approach has worked for many clients and estates throughout Florida, and is designed to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.

Florida Estate Administration Dispute Attorneys

Questions also frequently arise in situations related to the administration of an estate. These include:

  • What can I do if I think the administration fee is too high?
  • Why won’t the executor show me the records I requested?
  • I think the executor is taking money from the estate – what can I do?

We use our extensive litigation experience to search for answers to these and other questions you might have about an estate.

Although will contests and estate administration challenges are the most common types of estate disputes, controversies related to other issues occur all the time. Our dedication to the field of estate litigation and probate allows us to serve as powerful advocates in cases involving disputes over personal property, real property, taxes, creditor claims and many other issues.

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