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Probate Administration

Probate Administration

When large or complex estates are involved, you may need more than a simple probate lawyer or CPA. You may need experienced estate litigators who handle clients throughout Florida, involved in challenging probate disagreements, disputes and lawsuits. Perhaps you need probate attorneys who actually go to court regularly, try cases, argue appeals, and who are used to dealing with disagreement & confrontation. Whether you need a team of litigators to try a case for you, or negotiate a settlement from strength, Florida probate administration often creates many tasks or challenges for family members, widows, beneficiaries, and, of course, personal representatives and trustees. Is finding probate litigators on the cutting edge important?

Many times, there are millions and millions of dollars on the line, and you require sincere, objective advice which is meant to protect you and look out for your best interests. One of the most common misconceptions is that someone else’s lawyer is looking out for your best interests. Sometimes, family members or beneficiaries wonder if they need a lawyer at all, or whether the “estate lawyer” is looking out for them. It may, indeed, be true that many times you simply don’t need a lawyer, and you shouldn’t have to pay for one. In fact, when there are small estates, you can make an argument that you don’t need one at all. But…. some suggest that if you want someone in your corner fighting for you, the best way to do that is to actually hire a probate litigator and to KNOW, with certainty, that that lawyer is YOUR lawyer and reports to you, and only you.

The Probate Administration process can involve a number of legal issues, with everything from complex or pending lawsuits, multi year business disputes, or IRS Estate Tax audits, or will challenges based on sibling rivalry, to claims of 2nd and 3rd spouses and dis-inherited heirs and children. Many times, the probate court is the “battleground” over money: creditors fighting for estate money, 2nd spouses fighting adult children from a prior marriage over inheritances, trustees fighting beneficiaries.

Yes, there is a lot more to the probate process than simply filing a will, and signing everything that some estate lawyer sends to you. If you ask questions, or want answers, the probate court is the place to do that. Selecting the right legal team to assist you with those matters may be an often over-looked aspect of the probate administration process. If you are the personal representative or trustee, you may have been threatened with a lawsuit, and you want to minimize or eliminate any potential liability quickly, legally and efficiently. If you are a beneficiary, or dis-inherited beneficiary, you may be wondering when you are getting your inheritance, and whether the amount of money is accurate. You may also have questions about why other beneficiaries received more of an inheritance. America is creating more and more millionaires and many live and die in Florida. Their families, advisors and fiduciaries, often have questions.

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