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When is a Fraudulent Lien Void and Unenforceable

Litigation Attorney John Pankauski discusses a case involving a lien that is deemed fraudulent.

Probate litigation attorney John Pankauski discusses a case involving a lien that is fraudulent. The case from 2004 involves a very specific statute regarding mechanic liens.

Florida Mechanics Lien, when is a fraudulent lien void and unenforceable.

Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a Probate Litigation Attorney at Pankauski Hauser in downtown West Palm Beach. Are you involved in a case where there is a lien, somebody is making a claim to a particular piece of property, something else, maybe some real estate or some funds. When is a claim fraudulent, excuse me, when is a lien fraudulent. What is the story with a mechanics lien, well you can learn all about a fraudulent lien by reading a 2004 case from one of Florida’s Appellate Courts. It’s the Sharrard, 2004 where the citation is 892 Southern 2nd 1092. A November 5th 2004 case from Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeal. that deals with a very specific statute under Florida law regarding mechanics liens and also a fraudulent lien which may be unenforceable. You can also check your cases from more recent authority but if you are involved in liens right now, particularly mechanics lien or fraudulent lien this case is a great place to start.