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What are Spendthrift trusts in Florida

Can you void a marriage after the death of a parent if you suspect undue influence?

Florida spendthrift trusts, what does that mean in Palm Beach, Broward, in Martin County, the 4th District Court of Appeal. You know, the appellate lawyers and litigation attorneys at our firm
deal with matters throughout the state of Florida and sometimes you have to follow the precedent or the published opinions for a particular district that may or may not be different than another
district so let’s say you’re involved in a Florida trust lawsuit in Palm Beach Martin County or Broward County. That’s the 4th District Court of Appeal, the Fourth DCA. What is the fourth DCA say
about spendthrift trust. Well, you can read the Miller vs. Kresser case 34 Southern 3rd 172. It’s a
2010 case from Florida’s fourth DCA that’ll tell you all about a Florida spendthrift trust.