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Webinar: Adult Guardianship Florida 101

Probate Litigation Attorney John Pankauski explains everything you need to know about guardianship cases in Florida, specifically adult guardianship.

5 Scary Things About Florida Guardianships
I. Introduction

II. What is a guardianship for an adult?

III. Why is a guardianship needed?

IV. What laws govern a Florida guardianship?

V. Guardianship terms, teams and the players
– Your Trustee of your Revocable Trust
– Health Care Decision maker
i. Health Care Advanced Direction
ii. Health Care Proxy
iii. Medical Durable Power of Attorney
iv. DNR
v. Living Will
– Spouse
– Interested persons: who has a say in my guardianship?
– The Judge

VI. 5 Scary Things
– We just took away your right to make decisions
– We just took control over all your property
– We are putting you on a budget
– Your spouse and kids just spent your money fighting in guardianship court
– We are ignoring your Florida estate plan

VII. Conclusion