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Waiving a Husband’s or Wife’s Inheritance Rights in Florida

Are you worried that you may have inadvertently waved your inheritance rights as a surviving spouse?

Waving a husband or wife’s inheritance rights, be very very careful. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. I’m a probate litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. The trial attorneys and appellate lawyers in our firm handle matters throughout the State of Florida and an important part of our practice is helping husbands and wives who survived the death of a spouse.

Now be very careful because many times people think you don’t get an inheritance when you actually do. The truth is under Florida estate law and inheritance laws in Florida a spouse is a very important person and you receive a lot of an inheritance and many many rights that other people or other family members don’t. But be careful, you may have believed or thought that you waived you inheritance rights but you really didn’t. And if someone asked you to sign a paper don’t before you have your rights explained to you.

Now if you’re worried that you may have waived your inheritance rights as a husband or wife, a spouse I want you to read a very important section of the Florida probate code, you can do this online for free. 732.702, it deals specifically with a spouse a husband or wife, a surviving spouse, waiving spousal rights to effectively and affirmatively waive your inheritance rights you have to do certain things in a certain manner and if you don’t you didn’t waive your inheritance rights but be careful and don’t get tricked by some probate lawyer who tells you that they did. Get your own opinion, find somebody who will fight for you and help you out.