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Voluntary Dismissal of a Florida Lawsuit the Court’s Jurisdiction Ends

Are you involved in a Florida lawsuit? You know many times, beneficiaries, trustees and personal representatives of estates file lawsuits. Sometimes, the people negotiating, talking or realizing there’s a different place to sue somebody or that they have different causes of action, for whatever reason they’ll dismiss their case sometimes, and dismissal in Florida of your Florida lawsuit can be with prejudice or without prejudice.

Most of the times, plaintiffs don’t want to dismiss with prejudice, they dismiss without prejudice. So, what happens when there’s a dismissal without prejudice? Is the court then prohibited from doing anything else in that matter because it’s lost jurisdiction?

To read more about this Florida litigation topic, consider a March 6th 2019 case from Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, the Carlton case. You can read more about this opinion online at the DCA website, where the appellate court discusses more about the jurisdiction of a court when a voluntary dismissal has been filed.