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Voiding a Marriage in Florida in a Probate Proceeding

Can you void a marriage after the death of a parent if you suspect undue influence?

Voiding a marriage in Florida in a probate proceeding. Is this possible? Did your mom or dad marry someone late in life under suspicious circumstances, then mom or dad die and that new spouse suddenly inherits the entire estate. You may be able to void that marriage in a probate proceeding after your mom or dad dies. There’s a Florida statute that’s only a few years old that permits you to attack a marriage and have it declared void after your mom or dad die. So if somebody procured that marriage through undue influence or some type of fraud or some type of trickery, you a beneficiary, a family member after the death of your parent may be able to assert your rights or the estate may be able to assert your rights and seek to void that marriage. But talk to a probate litigation attorney who actually tries cases and handles this type of contested inheritance lawsuit.