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Undue Influence – Pankauski Law Firm – Undue Influence Case

A will of trust which is procured or obtained by undue influence may be declared void or invalid. Undue influence is thought of as fraud, coercion, duress, over-persuasion and may involve lies. And when a will of trust is obtained by undue influence, it may be declared invalid or void, and the law views that will of that trust not as a product of the person who signed the will of the trust, but a product of the person who committed the undue influence. Now this is a different lawsuit than tortuous interference with an expectancy, which you may have if a document was obtained by undue influence.

Here in Palm Beach County, in Miami-Dade County, and Broward County, and in many courts through Florida, judges are very familiar with the issues of undue influence: what it takes to win a case when there is undue influence, and what it takes to properly defend a case of undue influence.