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Trying to Get Someone to Run Your Florida Estate

Many times there will be an allegation of undue influence like a will contest for regarding a trust or a bank account. If there is a motion for summary judgment that says we don’t need a trial you lose. Do you know how to defend that?

Florida Estate lawsuits. Trying to get somebody to run the estate or handle certain things of the Probate while this Florida lawsuit and litigation in the Probate world goes on. What can you do? Hello my name is John Pankauski, I’m a probate litigation attorney at Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach, Florida. The attorneys and appellate lawyers at our firm handle matters involving probates, trusts & guardianship and business litigation throughout the state of Florida.
If you are in a will contest or probate lawsuit that is going on right now, do you need a curator or an administrator adlitum to run things until you resolve the litigation or the conflict of interest or the will contest? You might need one and you probably want to ask your Florida lawyer about whether a curator should be appointed. A Curator can be limited as to fees, as to time, and to the scope of their work. To read more about that you can read the Florida Probate Code free online. Section 733.301 that deals with Florida curators and you want to ask your Florida Probate lawyer about what why a Florida curator may be appropriate for your probate or inheritance litigation.