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Tortious Interference – Pankauski Law Firm – Wrongful or Tortious Interference with Contracts

If someone has intentionally or purposely interfered with your expectation of receiving an inheritance, you may have a cause of action. You may have a lawsuit for the tort of tortious interference with an expectancy. This is a lawsuit for damages. It’s different than having a will or a trust set aside based on lack of mental capacity or undue influence. It’s different than objecting to a will. This is a tort claim. It’s a separate lawsuit. You may get a jury trial for this. Tortious interference with an expectancy may be the basis of a lawsuit for acts that were wrongful and which occurred prior to someone’s death, after someone’s death, such as in the administration of an estate or a trust, and it may also pertain to a transfer during life or a gift that was made during life. If somebody intentionally interferes with your expectation to receive an inheritance, you may have the ability to bring this separate and distinct lawsuit.