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Summary Administration and Probate Appeals

Summary administration and probate appeals. We’re going to talk about a very recent case from April 16th 2019, out of Florida’s First District Court of Appeal. Most people in Florida probates a Florida estates. Now you have a typical administration or a probate and then you can have a summary administration, which we mostly think of the smaller probates. So, Florida has very special rules for summary administrations and we have very specific rules for probate appeals in Florida. So, if you’re involved in a probate matter and you want to read about a petition for a writ of certiorari and learn all about those elements, read the Estate of Bunda, B-U-N-D-A. It was released by the First District Court of Appeal on April 16th 2019. You can read it free of charge by going to the First District Court of Appeal’s website, clicking on opinions, scrolling down to the date and you’ll get a PDF of the case. But it reminds us that if you’re going to the appeals court for a petition for a writ of certiorari, there’s certain elements that you need to demonstrate for the court to grant you that petition. You can read more about it, free of charge by reading about the Estate of Bunda.