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Suing a Florida Trustee

If you’re a beneficiary or somebody else who has an interest in a Florida trust, and you’re thinking of suing your Florida trustee, there’s a number of factors that you should carefully consider before you file a lawsuit.

First of all, you need to determine where you’re going to sue the Florida trustee, what causes of action you have, what the trustee did wrong, and what your damages are. Remember, if you prevail on a Florida trustee lawsuit, you probably will not get the benefits of that lawsuit. Any losses will probably go back to the trust, where they’re going to be used for the benefit of beneficiaries. You also need to know what you’re going to ask a Florida probate court for, damages, interest, can you seek punitive damages, and can you seek the trustee’s removal? If you get the trustee removed, who are you going to replace that trustee with?