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What if Someone Dies without a Will – The Intestacy Law

What if someone dies without a will in Florida? I can’t tell you how many times beneficiaries, family members usually, will call up the firm and ask about a mom or a dad, an aunt or an uncle, who died without a will. Well, in Florida, our state legislature, like most states, has already predetermined who’s going to inherit that property. There’s a statutory scheme. You need to know what it is. Generally it means that family members inherit, but it gets a little complicated, right? What if you’re related by marriage, do you inherit? Does a cousin inherit over a niece, an aunt, or an uncle? These are all important aspects because, at the end of the day, if someone dies without a Florida will, the family members are going to inherit, and we’re gonna have to determine who those family members are and what percentage of the estate they get.