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Same Sex Couple Inheritance Lawyers

Understand the inheritance rights of couples in a same sex marriage

Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a Probate Litigation Attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Recently, the laws changed drastically creating inheritance rights in the millions if not billions of dollars for couples who are married but previously could not marry. The gay marriage issue has changed radically and now same sex couples may have same sex marriages. If you are married and you are in a same sex marriage or gay marriage, you now have inheritance rights in Florida that a couple of years you didn’t have. Are those issues unique, they are because many times people don’t have a will when they pass away or they have a prior will that leaves the estate to somebody else. If you are the product of a same sex marriage, if you got married validly somewhere else, that marriage may be valid here in Florida, Florida has to recognize same sex marriages that are valid in other states and other countries. You have very valuable inheritance rights or property rights.

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