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Probate Litigation and Mediation Pankauski Law Firm Probate Litigation

If you have a dispute involving probate, estates, trusts, inheritances, wills, guardianship matters, consider finding a trial attorney in this area of the law. There’s lots of good probate attorneys out there. Some of them say they go to court, some of them say they can handle your matter. But you want a serious, experienced, exceptional litigator who tries these cases every week, every month, every quarter, every year, someone who’s familiar with the procedures and all the probate courts here in Palm Beach County and throughout south Florida.

When you’re looking for an attorney, consider these matters. One, find an attorney with years of experience. Two, find an attorney whose practice is limited to the area of law that you are involved with: wills, trusts, estates, inheritances. Consider someone whose practice and law firm is limited to that area, not somebody who just does that type of work now and then. Consider someone with exceptional experience: trying cases, evidentiary matters, being involved with appeals and fights over attorneys’ fees, defending and prosecuting these cases up and down south Florida, in the probate divisions, having these cases heard, being involved with cutting edge strategies, new case law and facts that always evolve.