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Probate Court’s Right to Sanction Beneficiaries or Executors

A probate court’s right to sanction beneficiaries, trustees, and executors.

Are you involved in a Florida probate, an estate, or a trust, or guardianship matter, and you think somebody’s not playing by the rules?

If parties to a lawsuit in Florida are exhibiting bad conduct, or frivolous claims, or defenses, or lawsuits, you’re not alone. In Florida, courts have the ability to sanction bad faith conduct by their inherent authority.

Courts in Florida have the inherent authority to punish people who are behaving badly. A recent case from February 20, 2019 discusses that authority. That’s the Perlmutter case. That opinion was issued by the Palm Beach appellate court, the Fourth District Court of Appeal.

If you want to read more about a court’s inherent authority to sanction bad faith conduct, go to the Fourth District Court of Appeal website, click on Opinions and scroll down. You can read the opinion for free.