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President Trump’s National Emergency About Building the Wall. What’s the Florida Connection?

Well the short answer is not much, other than, President Trump vacations at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, just a short drive from the downtown West Palm Beach State Courthouse and the Federal Courthouse which is also located in downtown West Palm Beach.

But, if you look at the complaints that were filed against the President for his decision to call a national emergency regarding the border, the immigration issue and the building of the wall, you’ll see that they framed it seeking declaratory relief or a declaratory judgment.

That’s no different than what probate litigation lawyers and estate lawyers, trust lawyers do every single day here in the state of Florida. Many times we’re asking for declaratory relief or a declaratory judgment as to what a trust or a will says or who inherits.

Declaratory relief, you can have it at the State Court, you can have it at the Federal Court, for federal issues or for Florida probates.