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Who Pays for Guardianship Litigation?

Who pays for guardianship litigation? The truth is is that when you have contested guardianships, when you have family members or others fighting about who’s going to be in charge of mom or dad, who’s going to be the guardian of the person or the property, it can get expensive. Hearings, motions, court filed documents, it can be avoided if the parties come together and try to get a resolution. The truth is if you’re fighting in a guardianship action you should expect to pay your own way. Judges these days are very hesitant to have family members who are fighting have them paid from mom or dad’s money. Most judges now will say you guys pay your own way. But there’s a caveat. Under certain circumstances, if you’ve hired a lawyer or spent legal fees in a contested guardianship, you may be able to seek reimbursement of those fees or costs.