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Pankauski Law Firm – PLF – West Palm Beach, Florida

Our law firm is a small to medium-size boutique law firm who limits its practice. Our practice is limited to trials and appeals involving wills, trusts, and estates and related issues such as guardianship matters, rights of beneficiaries and surviving spouses to trusts and estates, and reformation and modifications of will and trusts. The firm is also involved in and interested in hot topics and legal trends that are sweeping the country. Can you reform or change a will even after the person dies? Can you modify or reform a trust when the trust says it’s irrevocable? Same sex couples, do you have inheritance rights? Will DOMA be overturned? Has it been overturned? Our practice is limited to these areas of the law and while we’re based in West Palm Beach, Florida, our practice extends throughout Florida, Miami-Dade, Broward, Martin counties, and throughout Florida. From time to time, we act as co-councel with other law firms on a limited basis outside the state of Florida. We’re located two-and-a-half blocks from the main courthouse in West Palm Beach and handle matters in probate divisions and civil divisions throughout Florida.