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Objecting to the Florida Will

Objecting to the Florida will. If there is a will that’s been filed in Florida and you want to object to it, what do we mean by that? While some people refer to it as contesting the will, challenging the will, what you are basically saying is “There’s a will out there, and I don’t think it’s valid, I think it’s invalid.” So you have to bring a petition to void that will. Now, what’s very important is you gonna need a probate litigator, somebody who tries cases not just somebody who administers estates, but you also need to know two things that are important. One, what’s the basis for asking a probate court to declare that will void? The second thing that you need to know is, are there any other prior wills that are out there? Because they may take away property from you, they may disinherit you or they may give you less than what’s under the present will.