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Mental Capacity – Pankauski Law Firm – Mental Capacity Issues

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a number of will contests where one’s mental capacity has been challenged. Somebody makes a will and people wonder whether they understood what they were doing at the time. As well as guardianship litigation or the representation of people, when someone may need assistance with their property or their personal rights.

And for years, you would speak with medical professionals: nurses, doctors, neurologists, and you’d study medical records to see how Alzheimer’s or Dementia would affect those in advanced years. And more recently, I had the experience of dealing with that firsthand.

My mom, who moved down here after my dad’s passing, was diagnosed with Dementia. And as her caretaker, I was assisting her and I got to see the progression of that disease and how it affected her in her day-to-day life.

I also got to see how the progression of Dementia could be slowed through the use of the right medications. And from speaking with her neurologists and her care workers, I was able to see how her days could be better and nicer.

And so, I feel that I bring that firsthand experience to my clients, because many times when they come to us with a related issue of having a loved one or a parent who’s stricken with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, I think I have a more complete understanding of what they’re going through.