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Marriage by Fraud and Inheritance Rights

Are you worried that you may have inadvertently waved your inheritance rights as a surviving spouse?

Marriage by fraud and inheritance rights. What you need to know about Florida probates. Hello my name is John Pakauski. I’m an estate litigation lawyer with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach, Florida. The appellate attorneys and probate lawyers in our firm handle matters throughout the state of Florida.
We handle trials, disputes and appeals and that’s all we do in four very limited areas. Probates & estates, trusts, guardianships and business transactions.

Now, can you have a probate lawsuit if you believe that a marriage was procured or obtained by fraud. Can you prevent a spouse, a husband or wife from inheriting in a Florida probate or estate? The short answer is yes. The long answer … is the devil’s in the details.These facts are, these cases are very fact specific when you try them and making your case in fighting hard are very very important. But you can read something for free right now that’ll help start answering questions for you, if you’re wondering if some marriage was obtained by fraud and you can cut off those inheritance rights. Read 732.805 That’s the portion of the Florida probate code that specifically talks about this unique set of facts, cutting off someones inheritance rights when a marriage has been obtained by fraud or duress or even under the influence.