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Litigating Personal Jurisdiction in Miami

Personal jurisdiction in Florida litigating personal jurisdiction in Miami or the Third District Court of Appeal. You know, in Florida, we have many visitors in many people who do business, who are located outside of the state of Florida, as well as outside of the country, right? So if a wrong is committed, if there is a Florida lawsuit, such as over Florida real estate or a Florida trust or even a Florida probate or in a state, you’re going to try to sue somebody and the question may arise, is that person who’s outside the state of Florida or outside the country susceptible to personal jurisdiction in the Florida court. Arguing about Florida personal jurisdiction is a little sub-industry or cottage industry within the legal profession because this very specific rules about personal jurisdiction in Florida, how you litigate them, and what you need to prove or disprove that a court in Florida has personal jurisdiction over a defendant. To read more about a very recent case, read the Northwind Air Systems versus Terrace Garden LLC case. It was issued on April 24th by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal.