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Inheriting After a Divorce

Understand Florida statute 732.703 that cuts off inheritance rights even when it’s in black and white for former spouses except under certain circumstances.

Hello my name is John Pankauski, I’m a probate trial attorney at Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach, Florida. The lawyers in our firm have a Statewide practice we handle disputes trials and appeals and probates throughout the State of Florida. Have you ever been involved in an estate where the will or the trust leave something to a spouse but really there was a divorce subsequent to that will or trust or maybe a former spouse is on as a beneficiary of a bank account or an IRA or a retirement account. Those things happen more often than you think and in Florida many times the worlds of family law and divorce law collide with or come in contact with probate and estate law and you need to know what to do because many times you will think that somebody is going to inherit even when it’s in writing in front of you and they don’t. So understand Florida statute 732.703 that cuts off inheritance right even when it’s in black and white and in writing for former spouses under certain circumstances. Be careful, because there is an important exception that your probate litigation attorney should tell you about.