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How to Appeal a Florida Ruling on Attorneys Fees

If you’re involved in a Florida lawsuit, particularly a trust lawsuit, an estate or a guardianship lawsuit or probate proceeding, attorneys fees are very very important; they’re what we call the “X factor” here. Why? Because you need very specific findings in a probate court to get attorneys fees and also the other side of that legal coin, if somebody is seeking attorneys fees from a trust, an estate or a guardianship, they have to prove their case in front of a judge and the judge has to make very specific findings of fact. So, it’s almost a little subspecialty of the law.

To learn more about what’s required in an order to get attorney fees in a legal matter, you can read the Scire v. Hochman case. It’s an April 10th, 2019 case from Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. It’s not a probate case, but it does talk about what does the judge have to put in an order on attorney fees when you’re involved in Florida litigation.