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How do I get a Jury Trial for my Probate Case

Most probate cases are handled by a bench judge so if you are seeking a jury trial for your case, make sure you talk to an experienced, trial seasoned, probate attorney.

How do I get a jury trial for my probate case? Hello my name is John Pankauski. My law firm handles, throughout Florida, trials, disputes and appeals involving wills, trust,, estate and business transactions.
So you want a jury trial for your probate case? Well that depends on what you are asking for. Why? Because most will contest cases, most probate cases are bench trials. A judge is going to decide those important matters such as things like rescission, equitable relief, declaratory relief non-jury matters.

Do you know the secret to getting a jury trial with your inheritance lawsuit or your probate case? Talk to an experienced probate trial lawyer. I’m not talking about an estate planning attorney or a probate lawyer who says they go to court a lot. Interview your probate lawyer and ask him/her if they actually try cases, how many cases they have tried, how many times they are in court, how they conduct depositions and how many appellate courts there in. If they’re handling trial sand appeals, they’re going to be in every case, they’re going to be many cases and in most district courts of appeal and they’re going to be used to trying cases and they will know the evidence code, the rules of civil procedure as well as the probate code.