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How Do Florida Courts Define Fraud on the Court?

Are you involved in a Florida probate, estate or trust and you’re convinced that somebody is lying? Be careful, fraud on the court is a very serious accusation that judges take very seriously and they look it very very carefully.

Now, if you can demonstrate that there was fraud on the court that will help the judge decide the case and maybe even sanction the bad party. Judges don’t like to do this because they want everybody playing by the rules, but regardless, from time to time it does happen.

Now, how do you define fraud on the court and what’s the burden to prove fraud on the court?

You can read about that in the Stein v. Charles case. It’s a February 20th 2019 Fourth District Court of Appeal appellate opinion issued by the Appeals Court for Palm Beach, and what it does demonstrate to you is that you have to prove that some party implemented some type of deliberate scheme, calculated to subvert the judiciary or the judicial process.