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Guardianship Issues – Pankauski Law Firm – Guardianship Litigation

Guardianship litigation has exploded in Palm Beach County and across the country. And if you’re interested in the welfare of the person who is the subject matter of the guardianship litigation, you may have the ability to come in to court and have a say in this matter. You may have the ability to apply to be a guardian or to voice your concern that a particular person should be appointed guardian. You may also have the ability to come in and prevent someone from being appointed a guardian.

A guardian is a fiduciary who is charged with helping and assisting the ward who is the subject of the guardianship matter. A guardian is a serious person who is charged with assisting with the personal needs and rights and the property of the person they’re seeking to protect, all under the supervision of a probate court judge. A guardian needs to have a plan, how they’re going to assist their ward. How they’re going to make sure the ward’s cost, expenses and healthcare are taken care of. How that property is going to be managed for the ward? Everything must be done for the benefit of the ward.