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Guardianship accountings, Don’t Take the Ostridge Approach

Are you involved in a Florida guardianship? Maybe mom or dad has gotten along in their years and there’s a court appointed guardian, and that guardian is filing accountings. You may or may not need a guardianship lawyer right now.

Why? Well, because the Guardian is going to seek to have those accountings approved. And the Guardian is going to identify certain assets that your mom or dad has, that are assets of the ward, or of the guardianship. And if you don’t object to them now, you may be precluded from objecting to them or seeking to enforce rights against those assets at mom or dad’s death.

Don’t make the mistake that a lot of people make in Florida. They ignore the guardianship process and say, ”Well, I’ll argue about the asset, or the joint account, or the bank account later when mom or dad dies.” You may be precluded if you don’t object to that accounting in the guardianship action right now.