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Getting an Injunction in Florida to Protect Mom or Dad’s Assets


Getting an injunction in Florida to protect mom or dad’s assets. Is your mom or dad or maybe
an aunt or an uncle living in Florida and they’re an elderly person and susceptible to financial
exploitation or advances from others? You know, as we age, our body not only slows down, but
our mind can as well, and we’d become more reliable on all this and more susceptible to
financial fraud and crimes. If you’re a family member and you believe that your mom or dad is
the victim of a financial crime in Florida or exploitation, and they’re an elderly person, consider
an injunction under 825.1035. It’s a statute that provides family members with a legal remedy
in a court of law in Florida if an elderly person is the victim of financial crimes or financial
exploitation. You can read it online free of charge, 825.1035.