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Florida’s Wrongful Death Act, Surviving Spouses, and Estates

What happens to the estate of someone involved in a wrongful death accident.

Hello my name is John Pankauski. We are probate litigation attorneys at Pankauski Hauser with a state wide practice even though we are based in West Palm Beach Florida.

Let’s say you’re involved in an estate or probate or maybe you’re a family member who lost somebody in a terrible tragic accident. There’s a wrongful death lawsuit. How are those wrongful death lawsuit proceeds or settlement amounts distributed in a Florida probate or an estate. If you are the surviving spouse, the surviving husband or wife you have a special status under the law and knowing how those wrongful-death monies are distributed or not distributed to you or minor children is an important aspect of Florida probate law and personal injury law.

To learn more about this talk to an experienced estate litigation lawyer and start by reading the Domino’s Pizza versus Wiederhold case. It’s a May 11th 2018 case from Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal, the citation is 2018 WL 216-5224.