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Florida Trust Venue

Let’s talk about trust venue.

If you’re involved in a lawsuit, where do you sue the trustee of a Florida trust? Or if you’re defending the trustee, did they sue the trustee in the proper place? And what you do if you have multiple co-trustees? Where is the proper venue for a trust lawsuit under those circumstances?

Well, here are some of the factors that courts look at in Florida. First of all you’re going to look at where the principal place of administration is of the trust. You’re gonna look at the principal place of business of the trustee. You’re going to look at the residence of the trustee, where they reside. You’re also going to look at where they keep the books and records of the trust, and where they perform most of their tasks.

Don’t assume that where the money is, at a broker, or a bank account is a proper county or state to sue your trustees in. Maybe, maybe not. Courts look at these factors more than anything else, in what’s called the principal place of administration.

Now, the rules can get a little bit difficult if you have multiple trustees. Particularly if they’re in a number of states. That’s why venue is so important before you file your trust lawsuit in Florida.