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Florida Trust Mergers. The Merger of Florida Trust Interests.

Are you involved in a Florida trust lawsuit? Have you come across the concept of merger?

You may be interested in the merger concept if you were somebody who’s suing the trustee of a trust who’s also a beneficiary, or vice-versa, you’re suing a beneficiary of a trust and their trustee of a trust. The merger concept comes in when the trustee, who holds legal title to a trust, also is the sole beneficiary who holds equitable title to the trust. When that one person is the trustee as well as the beneficiary, the concept of merger can occur.

When that Florida law concept of trust merger occurs, you may be able to get access to that trust if you’re suing the trustee or the beneficiary.

To read more about this trust merger doctrine under Florida Trust Law, consider reading a Fourth District Court of Appeal appellate opinion on trust merger, it’s called the Miller v. Kresser case, 34 So. 3d 173; it’s a 2010 opinion from the Palm Beach Appeals Court known as the Fourth District Court of Appeal.