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Florida RICO Laws and Business Lawsuits

If you are considering a RICO claim on the civil side, you need to recent this case coming out of the Miami 3rd District Court of Appeal.

Florida RICO, a recent Florida case out of Miami. Hello, I’m John Pankauski, I’m a litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach, Florida. The litigators and appellate attorneys in our firm handle matters throughout the state of Florida. If you are involved in a Florida RICO case or if you are involved in business disputes or business lawsuits in Florida, and you are thinking about a RICO claim on the civil side you want to read this recent case from Florida 3rd District Court of Appeal. That’s the Appellate court for Miami Dade. It was issued on Jan 24th 2018, the name of the case Banco de los Trabajadores v Cortez Moreno. Jan 24th 2018, you go to the website for the 3rd District Court of Appeal, click on opinions and scroll down by date and then look for that opinion. It talks about all about Florida RICO and may help you with your Florida Business Lawsuit. My name is John Pankauski and this concludes my remarks about this recent Florida Appellate Court opinion from Miami involving Florida RICO.

RICO Laws (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) are laws design to prosecute individuals who engage in organized crime.