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Florida Real Estate Lawsuits and Contracts for Florida Real Estate

Florida real estate lawsuits and contracts for Florida real estate modifications and extensions of time. Who did it right and who did it wrong? You know, in Florida, many people buy businesses and real estate all the time and sometimes by agreement of the parties, they extend a contract where they modify a Florida contract. Maybe they want to buy a piece of Florida real estate and they need a little bit more time or they need to do a little bit more due diligence. What happens if you try to modify that Florida contract for real estate or you try to get an extension of time for that Florida contract regarding real estate. Did you do it properly? And then what happens if the parties don’t agree? Well, you can read all about these issues from an April 24th 2019 Third District Court of Appeal opinion, handed down in All Seasons Condominium Association versus Patrician Hotel LLC. It was handed down by the Appeals Court for Miami Dade County. That’s the Third District Court of Appeal. You can learn all about these issues by going to the third DCA website, clicking on opinions, scrolling down to the date and looking at this case for free.